See how the world works.


At modelmap, our mission is to visualize all of economic flows and structures in the world.We simply analyze how things work, connect each flow, and simulate how this world behaves.Soon, we will let everyone to see the more precise future. We want to see where the world goes.Together.


We are building a GitHub-like community for business professionals, to let them simply download the visual structures from a cloud so everyone doesn’t have to spend time to research and develop structures. Currently we are focusing on helping professional in the financial industry, such as investment bankers or financial analysts.


Modelmap Analyzer

Modelmap is an enterprise application to automate most of the manual tasks occurring in the spreadsheet, such as exhausting research and developing formulas for financial models. Our application will cut your tasks from 100 to 1. It will not only save you time but a ton of headaches.

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John Kawai

Former financial modeler at PwC
Former quantitative researcher at an investment bank
M.B.A. from Carnegie Mellon University
More than 6,000 hours modeling experience
UX freak

Atsushi Nagase

Software engineer
Former graphic designer
More than 15-years experience of
delivering application to clients
A lot of start-up experience
Coding Freak

Sho Yoshimura

Financial modeler at PwC
Modeling world championship (MODEL OFF)
2016 finalist, ranked 14th in the world (2017)
More than 8,000 hours modeling experience
Excel freak

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